Support – دعم

This Project is made possible through the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

Curator: Andreas Münch

Assistant in Cairo: Ayman M. Hussein

The artists would like to thank Ingy Abdel-Malek, Ralph Bodenstein, Hani El Borai, Ehab El-Laban, Louis M. Iatarola, Patrick Hari, Wageh George, Nagwa M. Khattab, Denis Knobel, Frank T. Kryza, Lee Mackenzie, Maysoon Mahofudh, Farouk Mostafa, John Perlin & Ken Butti, Cornelius von Pilgrim, Samir W. Raafat, Georg Rutishauser, Hebba Sherif, Mohammad Talaat, Ludovic Varone

For the construction of the sculpture in front of the Place of Arts we would like to thank Ahmed Hussein (Marine La Luna – classical steel, wooden boat and yacht builders).